Know Your Health Numbers

December 6th, 2010 · No Comments

It is important every person knows their numbers related to heart health. Knowledge is power, and in this case it can actually save a life. A person who is informed about what a daily serving recommendation is and the actual quantity of a particular food that constitutes a serving is likely to maintain a healthy diet. Along with a healthy diet, a person must know how much daily exercise is necessary to maintain a strong, healthy heart.

Other numbers that are important to be aware of include knowing what your goal weight is along with a healthy BMI. BMI is the term used to measure body mass index or the amount of fat a person is carrying. These two numbers will affect the blood pressure and cholesterol numbers that every person needs to monitor. High blood pressure and high cholesterol indicate the heart may not be as healthy as it should be. Blood glucose numbers should be monitored as well. Numbers that are too high or too low may indicate diabetes.

The resources available at can help a person understand what healthy numbers are and what goals should be aimed for. This site is packed with a wealth of information about healthy living with facts that are easy to understand. Maintaining a healthy living lifestyle can help a person extend their life while improving the overall quality.

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