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In order to grasp hold of your life and become healthy, you must become active. Health experts constantly rely on our current public health guidelines when giving information to individuals seeking to live healthy lives. The guidelines estimate that around one hour of physical activity is needed every day for children and teenagers, while a minimum of two hours and thirty minutes is needed every week for adults. The point is that whether you are a forty-seven year old or a five year old, it is essential for you to live an active lifestyle in order to remain healthy.

Healthy Living Rochester offers many helpful resources that will assist many in active living. These resources include a “Fitness IQ” test, a PBS television series “America’s Walking” that presents information to viewers seeking to live an active life. There is a full service “Bicycle Sports Cycling Club” located in Rochester, Minnesota, a link to the “Midwest Events” website, which provides extensive amounts of information about fitness and sports. The site actually has their own magazine as well. Also, there is the “Star Walking Now” site sponsored by the American Heart Association, a Rochester family “YMCA”, and many more helpful links that lead to health information, clubs, walking events, and more.

Whether you live in Rochester, Minnesota or not, Healthy Living Rochester offers a multitude of important information that is available through the simple click of your mouse. Seize hold of your life, live longer, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and live active.

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