Fruits and Veggies – Make it Five a Day

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To eat healthy is to live healthy. Sounds too simple, right? It’s just food. It’s just eating, something most of us have done since we were born. The serious truth is poor nutrition impacts more than a person’s general health and well-being. Nutritional negligence can have an adverse effect on heart health, yet many people simply do not eat right. Why?

While some blame fast food and snack advertising for the bad eating habits many have developed, others attribute the poor nutrition problem to the mixed messages that have been given over the years about what is healthy to eat and what is not healthy. Convenience is another culprit in the poor nutrition blame game.

We do have a choice in what we eat and whether or not we are going to give into the culprits of negative nutrition. By focusing on the positive nutritional opportunities available to us rather than spending our time worrying about what or who is to blame when it comes to nutrition, we can take steps in the right direction. We can make good, gradual changes to the foods we and/or our friends and family members consume.

For those who live in Rochester, Minnesota there’s an ample amount of healthy food options that can be purchased from a variety of grocery stores, markets, restaurants and delis. When buying food look for fruit and vegetable opportunities. If there are places you go to that don’t offer any fruits or vegetables, you may want to consider changing the places you patronize to ones that do. Finding five servings of fruits and vegetables a day could be made into a game – a great one to play with children. To make it even more fun and even healthier, you could challenge each other to find five fruits and vegetables that represent five different colors.

To learn more fun ways to incorporate health into your day, visit local websites like You could learn more and share healthy lifestyle goals by becoming involved with local organizations like Healthy Living Rochester as well as organizations that Healthy Living Rochester works with to help promote a healthy lifestyle that incorporates good nutrition.

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