Pursuing a Clutter-Free Life

October 19th, 2012 · 1 Comment

There is a lot of information out there about “voluntary simplicity” and how pursuing it can de-clutter life so that we have more time to do what is important such as taking a bike ride or going for a walk. The biggest challenge in living a healthy, active lifestyle is to take the time to make time for it. So it seems to make sense to take a look at how we can “create time” for ourselves to pursue healthy living strategies and look after our heart health. Here are a few thoughts on how to achieve this:

  • Take baby steps. You can’t remodel your life in one grand sweep. Take little, “doable” actions that reinforce your resolve and make you feel successful.
  • Put the remote down and get on your bike or go for a walk. The average American watches 4 hours of TV per DAY! Get out of that chair and into the fresh air! Become a bit less than average and go outside. Your family and dog will love you for it, and really, Oprah or the Simpson’s won’t miss you in the slightest!
  • Get out of your car and walk or take a bike. With a bit of planning, you could take one of Rochester’s beautiful bike trails to work or the grocery store.  You can commute and get your exercise at the same time! And think of the money you save on parking and gas.

Simplify your schedule. We all want to help; pitch in for that garage sale, bring your ailing aunt some food, take Grandpa to the grocery store, or join that committee at school. The next time you find yourself raising your hand to tell them, “Yes, I can do it!” stop and think about how it can positively improve your free time and your pursuit of healthy living.

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