Helping Kids to Quit Smoking

October 29th, 2012 · No Comments

We all know that there are massive and substantial benefits to quitting smoking.  Aside from improvements in lung and cardiovascular function, a smoker who kicks the habit rids themselves of the stench of smoke in their clothing and hair, ugly discoloring stains on their fingers and teeth, and a huge decrease in toxic chemicals continually floating throughout their body. A tremendous positive that is rarely discussed is the fact that the sooner you quit and the more resolved you are to quitting the better your chances of avoiding life threatening illnesses associated with smoking. Also, by quitting this health hazardous habit, you will show your kids and their friends that a strong resolve to live a healthier life is beneficial to all.

Children view adults as a guide to what their actions and behaviors are supposed to look like. When kids grow-up watching their parents smoke, they come to believe that smoking is an appropriate response to stress, difficulties at work, or boredom. It’s important to help them understand that there are better ways to relieve stress and such. Programs that assist adults to quit smoking can help modify behaviors that can lead a person to begin smoking. If a parent learns these behavior modifications it can pay huge dividends as the kids grow and mature. Simple changes for a healthy alternative to smoking and reducing stress include going for a walk or a bike ride, painting, listening to music, or simply reading a book.

At Healthy Living Rochester we are proud of the fact that we can work as a bridge to help individuals quit smoking, and provide information and support to help kids from starting the habit. With our anti-smoking programs and our strong advocacy for a smoke free America we strive to teach kids the risks that they take just being around smoke and smokers.

It’s not an easy road to walk for a smoker who is trying to quit, and when you are trying to teach kids that smoking is bad for them the road can become very rocky. When pop culture endorses the use of tobacco because it’s “hip” or “cool” and advertisements are aimed straight at young adults it’s often far more difficult to swing them back to thinking of their health over the pressures of trying to “fit in” to their perceived peer society. But it’s a battle that needs to be waged. A parent that shows a kid that it’s possible to quit smoking, and shares the benefits they have experienced by kicking the habit, will give their child the ability to live a healthier and more satisfying life.

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