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Hello, I started having BP problems about a year ago (at least that's when I first found out). I am now on 3 medications a day (Atenolol, Methalydopa, Hydrochlorizide). I take 50mg, 250mg, 25mg of the above meds. My BP is still about where it was when I first started taking the meds. It ranges from 135-160/90-117. High BP runs in my family, but no one else has seemed to have such a problem getting it under control. I have had my kidneys tested & some blood work (Cholesterol & Trig. are a little high, but not too bad). I have had one ekg with nothing found, and I am scheduled for another. I am a little overweight (180lbs...I find it difficult to lose the weight), but don't know if there is anything else that might be causing the problem. I try to watch my sodium intake, I quite drinking Caffine, & I ocassionaly drink alcohol. I excercise regularly. My dr. acts like it is abnormal to have such a problem at my age that the meds aren't able to control. She doesn't want to get me on too much medicine b/c of my age & if I would choose to have a child. Is there anything else I should be looking into as a possible cause, or do I just chalk this up as a hereditary disease & go with it? After my last Dr. Apt, she scheduled me an apt. with a cardiologist. Just looking to see if there is you have any advice Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- Cryptocurrency Wallet Marketing Thanks
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