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Healthy Living Rochester Resources

Baseline Paper (2000): This paper decribes the background and original design of the CardioVision project.  Over time the activities of CardioVision, today known as Healthy Living Rochester, have evolved as new opportunities and needs have been identified.

Dietary and Exercise Change Efforts Paper (2002): This paper reports the percentage of people in Olmsted County who are trying to improve dietary habits, exercise habits or both.  It provides evidence that people who receive advice from their physician to improve dietary and exercise habits are more likely to change those habits than people who do not get that advice.

Weight Control Paper (2002): This document reports the percentage of people in Olmsted County who are overweight, and the percentage of those who are trying to change dietary and exercise habits to lose weight.

Fruit and Vegetable Intake Paper (2003): This study reports the percentage of people in Olmsted County who are meeting the dietary goal of eating 5 or more fruits and vegetables per day.

Four-year Results Paper (2006): This paper describes the impact of the CardioVision 2010 activities during the first 4 years of operation in Olmsted County.

Blood Pressure Control in Rochester, Minnesota (1999): This study reports that blood pressure control in residents of Olmsted County is relatively low, with only 17% of people with high blood pressure having their blood pressure treated and controlled.  While this paper is somewhat dated (1999), it points to a need within Olmsted County, just like the rest of the United States, to improve on treating and controlling high blood pressure.

Diabetes Trends in Rochester, Minnesota from 1970-1990: This paper documents a substantial increase in the percentage of the population developing diabetes  from 1970 to 1990.

Diabetes Death Rate Trends in Olmsted County (2004): This paper tracks the impact of diabetes on death rates in Rochester, Minnesota, compared to that seen from 1970 to 1994.  The results suggests increasing death rates due to diabetes.  As an increase in the incidence of diabetes in Olmsted County residents continues, it is possible that death rates may rise and life expectancy may worsen in coming years, unless something is done to reverse the increase in obesity and diabetes.

Diabetes in People with Heart Attack, and Its Impact on Death Rates (2006): This paper shows that diabetes is increasingly common among people experiencing a heart attack in Rochester, Minnesota, and that their survival is lower following the heart attack than for patients with a heart attack who do not have diabetes.  Since diabetes is increasingly common in the general population, this paper gives further evidence that we may see worsening mortality rates and life expectancy in the future unless something is done to reduce obesity and diabetes.

Three-year Results of Heart Disease Management Program, Rochester, Minnesota (2008): This document describes the impact of a heart disease management program on the death rates of a sample of people with heart disease in Olmsted County.  A high percentage of people in this study were receiving appropriate preventive medications and were following healthy lifestyle habits.  Their overall mortality rate was found to be similar to others in the population, of similar age, who did not have heart disease.

Resources in Olmsted County

Mayo Nicotine Dependence Center
200 First Street S.W. Rochester, MN
(507) 266-1930 or 1-800-344-5984
Salvation Army
120 N. Broadway Rochester, MN
(507) 529-4100

Nicotine Anonymous
200 First Street S.W. Rochester, MN

Be Active Resources

Fitness IQ

America's Walking - This PBS television series focuses on fitness, travel and lifestyle, offering information and inspiration for those who want to start a daily walking habit and live a more active life.

Bicycle Sports Cycling Club - Ths group operates in conjunction with Bicycle Sports, a full-service bicycle shop located in Rochester, Minnesota.

Midwest Events - This is a highly regarded resource which provides complete and accurate event information targeting sports and fitness. In addition world class coaching, nutrition, equipment and peak performance advice can be found here. Midwest Events serves the endurance sports and fitness market with unparalleled passion and perspective, and creates community through special events and programs.

Minnesota State Bicycle Advisory Committee - Individually and collectively this group strives to strengthen and encourage community support for bicycling throughout the state. Their activities include continuous and on-going participation with government agencies and allied organizations including in areas of education, public affairs campaigns and political initiatives.

Rochester Active Sports Club (RASC) - This recently formed multi-sport club provides a framework for the support and development of sports such as cycling (MTB and road), skiing, kayaking and climbing in southeast Minnesota. RASC is an enthusiastic supporter of Healthy Living Rochester, even using the Healthy Living Rochester logo on their ski suits and bike jerseys.

Rochester Area Family Y - This is a great place to engage in family recreation and exercise. The mission of the Y is "providing for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the individual, family and community." Short term memberships and day passes are available for clinic patients and their immediate families.
Rochester Track Club - This is your southeast Minnesota running connection with a large list of marathons.

Start Walking Now! - Walk more, eat well, and you will live longer. While this is a simple premise, it is the foundation of the Start! movement. Research has shown that you can gain about two hours of life for every hour of regular vigorous exercise you do.


Rochester Parks and Trails provides city trail maps for Rochester, Minnesota. All trails are paved and provide an opportunity for both recreational and commuting on foot, bicycle, or inline skating. Check out the maps below.

 Loop 1
 Loop 2  Loop 3 Loop 4
 Loop 5  Loop 6  Loop 7 Loop 9

 Loop 8

 Loop 10  Loop 11 Loop 12

Eat Healthy Resources

Produce Marketing Association (PMA) - Check out thier website for an abundance of information and recipes that incorporate the bountiful varieties of fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs bringing their delicious flavors and healthy benefits into your cooking repertoire. Everything you need to know about produce can be found here!

Center for Science in the Public Interest -  This interest group  is a consumer activist organization known for their nutritional analysis of processed foods and restaurant meals.  They also publish the Nutrition Action Healthletter.

Cooking Light Magazine - This publication focuses on healthy living and nutrition. Check out their informative website.  It includes a recipe index which is searchable by recipe name or ingredient. The healthy living section has plenty of fitness tips.

Conversion Calculator - A useful resource for converting weights and measures. - This program, developed by a registered dietitian, allows the user to determine personal calorie and nutrient requirements then select meals to meet those requirements. Recipes and nutritional values of food (including fast foods) are additional highlights.

Diet Detective - Charles Stuart Platkin, the Diet Detective, has made it his life's mission to help people lose weight and get healthy by encouraging them to think before they eat. Check out his great tips and insight.

Eat Five a Day - This initiative seeks to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables to an average of five or more servings a day to improve the health of Americans through a partnership among the health community, government agencies, the fruit and vegetable industry, and other private sectors.

Food & Health Communications, Inc, - publisher of Communicating Food for Health Newsletter, provides monthly meal tips and recipes.

 Portion Distortion Quiz - Want to really know what it that portion? Check it out here.

The Healthy Refrigerator - This resource base is supported by the National Association of Margarine Manufacturers (NAMM), in cooperation with the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA), as part of an ongoing effort to educate consumers about diet and heart disease.

 Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter - This website contains two articles from the most recent issue of the Tufts's newsletter plus an index of subjects featured from 1995 to the present.

United Soybean Board - This is a great source for information on soy products and recipes, as well as current research on the health benefits of consuming soy products.

U.S. Department of Agriculture - Within this department of the government check out the Food and Nutrition Information Center, which focuses on healthy school meals, dietary guidelines, and the food guide pyramid.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration - This government agency maintains current information on a wide range of subjects, including food safety, supplements, children and tobacco, and human and animal drugs.

The Virtual Cookbook - This resource, brought to viewers by, contains heart-healthy recipes for all meals and occasions.

Live Tobacco Free Resources

Minnesota Quitlines

If you have one of these health plans call:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield 1-888-662-BLUE
  • Blue Plus 1-888-662-BLUE
  • CCStpa 1-888-662-QUIT
  • First Plan of Minnesota 1-888-662-BLUE
  • HealthPartners 1-800-311-1052
  • Medica 1-866-QUIT-4-LIFE
  • MCHA Members 1-866-QUIT-4-LIFE
  • Metropolitan Health Plan 1-800-292-2336
  • PreferredOne 1-800-292-2336
  • UCare Minnesota 1-888-642-5566

If you don’t have those health plans or are uninsured call:

  • QUITPLAN Services 1-888-354-PLAN
  • US DHHS 1-800-QUIT-NOW
  • American Cancer Society 1-800-ACS-2345
  • American Lung Association 1-800-LUNG-USA

Resources in Olmsted County

Mayo Nicotine Dependence Center
200 First Street S.W. Rochester, MN
(507) 266-1930 or 1-800-344-5984
Good Samaritan Health Clinic - Salvation Armyour Guide to Lowering Blood Pressure
120 N. Broadway Rochester, MN
(507) 529-4100

Nicotine Anonymous
200 First Street S.W. Rochester, MN

Mayo Nicotine Research Program  
1-800-848-7853 or (507) 266-1944

Quit Smoking Guides

U.S. D.H.H.S, National Cancer Institute
    Clearing the Air: Quit Smoking Today

Centers for Disease Control
    Quit Kit
American Legacy Foundation
    Relearn Life without Cigarettes

American Academy of Family Physicians    
    Stop Smoking Guide

Online Programs

Become an Ex
Smoke Free
Quit Net
Freedom from Smoking Online
Quit for Life

Tobacco Websites

American Cancer Society
American Lung Association
National Cancer Institute
Centers for Disease Control
Office of the Surgeon General

Know Your Numbers Resources

Blood Pressure

Check your Blood Pressure @ Home

High Blood Pressure Quiz

Your Guide to Lowering Blood Pressure

Physical Activity Numbers

Children's Minutes of Physical Activity Per Day

Number of Tobacco Products


Living With Heart Disease Resources

Mayo Clinic

Olmsted Medical

Cardiac Rehab

The American Heart Association National Center - This organization is a great cource for education and information on fighting heart disease and strokes. Topics include the warning signs of heart disease, nutrition, exercise prevention and research.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute - Users of this website will learned about and be directed to numerous resources including booklets, articles, and fact sheets on various aspects of heart disease such as cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity.

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