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Get involved with CardioVision 2020 by becoming a volunteer! You can volunteer and focus your time on any of our five target areas.

Be Active

Are you passionate about exercise and the benefits that come with it? Do you want to help others become active in your community? You can be a web site volunteer to help us encourage our members to stay active by maintaining our resources and keeping events up to date. You can also volunteer to help with any of our great events or campaigns. Just email our volunteer coordinator, and begin supporting and encouraging active lifestyles with Healthy Living Rochester. 

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is so important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Act now! Become an advocate for mindful eating and experience the benefits that follow by participating in our nutrition related campaigns and web site updates. Email our volunteer coordinator and take charge of all the healthy eating areas of Healthy Living Rochester.

Live Tobacco Free

Do you have personal experience with quiting tobaccao or a passion to help others live tobacco free? There is a place for you within Healthy Living Rochester to educate and provide support to others. Volunteer to help us with with our tobacco free living community on our web site. Email our volunteer coordinator and begin fighting for a tobacco free world today.

Know Your Numbers

Healthy Living Rochester needs volunteers who will help encourage others to get regular screenings and stay on top of managing their lifestyle to maintain healthy numbers. From blood pressure to cholesterol, blood glucose, triglycerides and more, the better informed we are, the better manager we can become of our own health. Email our volunteer coordinator and begin educating others on the importance of knowing their numbers.

Living With Heart Disease

Do you or a loved one have heart disease? Volunteer to help us provide important resources and activities to people with heart disease. Take charge of our heart disease section of our web site by emailing our volunteer coordinator and begin supporting and offering resources to those living with heart disease.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have ideas about ways to improve the health of our community? Do you have event coordinating or marketing experience? If so, email our volunteer coordinator and begin helping Healthy Living Rochester today.

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